Note:Due to lack of known photos of Hptm. Wiess D-9 one can only speculate about it. Since III./JG 54 was the

first Gruppe of the Luftwaffe to be equipped with the new aircraft and Hptm. Wiess (GruppenKommandeur)

the first to score a kill with it ( a Spitfire of 541 Sqn. RAF, on September 28,1944)

is more than likely the aircraft to have the factory standard camouflage of 82, 75, 76.

Upper: 82 Dark Green , 75 Gray-Violet
Lower: 76 Light Blue
Fuselage Balkenkreuz: B4 800 mm 22 Black outline
Upper Wing Balkenkreuz: B6 910 mm 21 White
Lower Wing Balkenkreuz:B4 900 mm 22 Black outline
Hakenkreuz: H3 420 mm 22 Black
Lower Cowling & Rudder: 04 Yellow
Number: 22 Black
Spinner: 22 Black with 21 White spiral
Stencilling: Standard factory

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