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Welcome to my Indexes of the Stewart Clan Magazine. It took more than ten years to compile them, and it could never have been done before the age of computers. I hope they prove useful.

The Stewarts married into many, many families. Have a quick look at the Index of Spouses if you don't believe me!

Most of the research in the SCM was done in the U.S. All place names and references to counties and states are in the Index of Places. If you're really stuck, try there first.

Have a look at these brief notes:

  1. What is the Stewart Clan Magazine?
  2. Who was George T. Edson?
  3. Key to the reference numbers.
  4. Libraries where the Stewart Clan Magazine may be found.
  5. How to start your research with the Indexes.
  6. Other websites you might find useful. Updated 30 October 1998

I made three main indexes:

The alphabetical list by parents' names is indispensable if you want to find information on all the children of a couple whose names you know. They aren't always on the same pages. However, please accept my apologies for the fact that since it was originally done with a database program, the information is truncated. I hope you can decipher it. If not -- email me, please!

I hope very much that you will find the indexes useful.

Good hunting, and good luck! There are a lot of Stewarts in the SCM waiting for descendants to find them!

Mary Stewart Kyritsis
Kifissia, Athens, Greece


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