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  • Yannis K. Ioannou was born in Athens, on the 8th March of 1953. Through his family, he learnt to love and appreciate Music, Literature, Poetry and Cinema. Due to the fact that Yannis was the son of a refugee from Minor Asia and later member of National Resistance against German army of Hitler, he found out from his early age, how important is for an individual to live his life by being honest and have principles. He is proud for his father!

  • At the age of ten, his started studying music in a building of the "Hellenic Conservatory", learning Accordion by D. Metaxas; who taught Yianni to be an open-minded musician, concerned with all different kinds of music, to be an objective judge.

  • At the same period of time, he discovered the existence of Byzantine music, thanks to the neighborhood's priest - papa Averkios Kalfopoulos - who proposed the creation of a children-chorus for the Orthodox Church.

  • In 1966, he becomes a member of one of the dozens Rock groups of his time, "The Youngbirds" playing the organ. "The Foremost" is the group that follows for the next 7 years, during which time Yannis had his first contact with the Record Industry, Cinema and Television.

  • Following 1968, he is interesting in the theoretical part of music, an interest that makes him move from the "Orphic Conservatory" to the "Apollonian Conservatory" next to Vasilis Dellios, who taught him writing for Brass & Woodwind Instruments.

    He ends up to the "Conservatory of Athens", this time next to M. Pallandios, K. Kydoniatis, Y. Ioannidis, M. Dragoumis and other respectable teachers, whereby he completed his studies and he was distinguished in Harmony and Counterpoint in 1983. In addition, he studied Classical Orchestration (on physical & electronic musical instruments, thanks to materials from Berklee College of Music at Boston, MA, USA).

  • In 1982, he make his first appearance as a composer, in the competition of the "Entehno Laiko Tragoudi" that was organized by Communistic Youth of Greece "KNE" and the dedicated newspaper "ODIGHITIS" where he is distinguished by a committee such as, among others, Mikis Thedorakis, Yannis Ritsos et. al.

  • In 1986, synthesizers and computers started to be his main interest. He is one of the pioneering self-taught computer musicians in Greece. He first presented, in co-operation with composer/singer Nena Venetsanou at Lycabetus Theater, songs and music from "Pandora's box" in synchronizing computer-synthesizers & musicians with success.

    Next he cooperated for two continuous years, with Alkistis Protopsalti, Lina Nikolakopoulou, Stamatis Kraounakis and Andreas Voutsinas, on  the music project "LEOFOROS II" in synchronizing computer-synthesizers & musicians, also with success.

  • Yannis K. Ioannou works as professional arranger, keyboardist and producer in Greek Record Industry, in Concerts, in Musical Theaters and Television from 1978. He has met and worked with almost every famous Greek composers and singers in Greece.
    Mikis Theodorakis,
    Vasilis Tsitsanis,
    George Zampetas,
    Apostolos Kaldaras,
    Stavros Xarhakos,
    Yannis Spanos,
    Dimos Moutsis,
    Thanos Mikroutsikos,
    Notis Mavroudis,
    Hristos Nikolopoulos,
    Loukianos Kelaidonis,
    Thanasis Polykandriotis,
    Linos Kokotos,
    Elias Andriopoulos
    Giorgos Stavrianos,
    and others.,

  • Songwriters:
    Dionysis Savopoulos " ZITO TO HELLINIKO TRAGOUDI,
    Haris & Panos Katsimichas "I MONAXIA TOU SCHINOVATI",
    Vasilis Papakonstantinou,
    Haris Alexiou,
    Dimitra Galani,
    Nena Venetsanou,
    Afroditi Manou,
    Pandelis Thalassinos,
    Dimitris Zervoudakis,
    Giorgos Koros (violin),
    Vasilis Saleas (clarinet),
    and others).

  • Singers:
    Gregoris Bithikotsis,
    George Dalaras,
    Maria Farandouri,
    Aria Saijonmaa,
    Stelios Kazandjidis,
    Stratos Dionysiou,
    Yannis Poulopoulos,
    Vickie Moscholiou,
    Yannis Parios,
    Eleftheria Arvanitaki,
    Dimitris Mitropanos,
    Mary Linda,
    Michalis Menidiatis,
    Stamatis Kokotas,
    Kaiti Gray,
    Poly Panou,
    Pitsa Papadopoulou,
    Tania Tsanaklidou,
    Eleni Vitali,
    Maria Dimitriadi,
    Manolis Mitsias,
    Adonis Kaloyannis,
    Petros Pandis,
    Manolis Lidakis,
    Eleni Tsaligopoulou,
    Kostas Makedonas,
    Kostas Thomaidis,
    Vasilis Lekkas,
    Yannis Savidakis,
    Yannis Koutras,
    Voula Savidi,
    Lavrentis Macheritsas,
    Dionysis Tsaknis,
    Sotiria Leonardou,
    Petros Gaetanos,
    Melina Tanagri,
    Anastasia Mouchatsou,
    Antonis Remos
    Athena Morali,
    Lena Alkeou,
    and others.

  • Record Companies:
    CBS-SONY Music,
    and others.

  • Has arranged, conducted & composed music for various
    TV music series:


    • THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOON by poet/lyricist Lefteris Papadopoulos, dedicated to almost every Greek lyricist,


    • OUR OLD FRIENDS (George Papastefanou),


  • Christmas and Easter shows:

    • Three beauties,

    • Unaceptables,

    • To sin twice,

    • Greece's children,
      and others,

  • in various Greek TV Channels like:

All these shows replayed for many years.

  • Has written, interpreted and arranged music for the Music Comedy Theater (Epitheorisi), starting at 1977 close to Menelaos Theofanides from theater MINOA. His theatrical co-operations included names like:
    George Lazaridis,
    Napoleon Eleftheriou,
    George Economides,
    Dinos Heliopoulos,
    Mimis Fotopoulos,
    Alekos Livaditis,
    Koulis Stoligas,
    Kostas Hadjihristos,
    Yannis Mihalopoulos,
    George Konstandinou,
    Nikos Rizos,
    Yannis Voyadjis,
    Rena Dor,
    Anna Kalouta,
    Koula Nikolaidou,
    Mary Hronopoulou,
    Anna Madjourani,
    Nitsa Marouda,
    Vasilis Papadopoulos,
    Spyros Kalogerou,
    Nikos Atherinos,
    Artemis Matsas,
    Nikos Xanthopoulos,
    Petros Fisoon,

    and from youngers
    Michalls Reppas,
    Thanasis Papathanasiou,
    Dimitra Papadopoulou,
    Spyros Papadopoulos,
    Anna Panayotopoulou,
    Yannis Bezos,
    Petros Fillippides,
    Vlasis Bonatsos,
    Nena Menti,
    Mina Adamaki,
    Eleni Filini,
    Pemy Zouni,
    Takis Papamattheou,
    Lakis Lazopoulos,
    Nana Nikolaou (DI.PE.THE. Kozanis),

  • Has appear with well known artist, at USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Swizerland, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Georgia, South Africa and Cyprus.

  • From 1994 to 1996 he is closed partner of Mikis Theodorakis, arranging and playing Piano & Synthesizers for "Popular" Orchestra of him, and follows Mikis at international tours, TV shows and Discography.

    • "Politia C'" 1994 with Manolis Mitsias and Dimitra Galani,

  • In the winter of 1995-96 co-operated in the creation of a quality entertainment together with Anastasia Moutsatsou, Pantelis Thalassinos, Gerasimos Andreatos and Athina Morali at new musical scene "13 MOONS",
    and co-operated with Vangelis interpreting and re-arranging his music, for the first personal album of Vasilis Saleas "ORAMA" (FM Rec).

  • At 1997 he was the Arranger & Keyboardist in the historical show of Savopoulos - Papakonstantinou "FOR ECONOMICAL REASONS", while arranging the personal album of Vasilis Papakonstantinou "Tell me a lie to sleep" (Minos - EMI) including two compositions of his own.

  • In the same time he finishes the first his his own production, with seven compositions of his own for the young woman singer Kalliopi Vetta under title "...IN THE LAND OF SONGS" (Virgin Greece).

  • Has arranged for Contemporary Orchestra of Hellenic Radio & Television (ET1)

  • On June 2, 1997, he received his first Golden Record Award for the success of two compositions in the album of famous Greek Rock singer Vasilis Papakonstandinou "TELL ME A LIE TO SLEEP". The titles of his two songs are "EFTYCHOS" and "ETSI M' ARESI" on lyrics of Vasilis Yannopoulos (Minos - EMI).

  • At June 19, 1997, he takes his second Golden Record Award for the success of Arranged by him album of Vasilis Saleas (a Greek Gypsi Clarinet Virtuoso) "ORAMA" (FM Rec), On music composed by VANGELIS.

  • From Oct 1997 on he plays again with Popular Orchestra "MIKIS THEODORAKIS", while in December puts together one more project for Vasilis Saleas (FM Rec) the album LITANY with music of Mikis Theodorakis, which became "GOLD".one day after released.

  • At 23 Apr 1998 starting presents, in music scene AEGLI of Thessaloniki, a Dedication to MANOS HADJIDAKIS with singer Kalliopi Vetta, singer & Cello player Taso Misyrlis & Georgia Velivasaki with success.
  • At June 22, 1999, he takes his third Golden Record Award for the success of Arranged and Produced by him album of Vasilis Saleas, LITANY on music of Mikis Theodorakis.
  • Since Sep.1998, becomes the arranger / conductor of PANHELLENIC GREEK FOLK SONG CONTEST who take place at Trikala, mother town of Great Greek Composer 'VASILIS TSITSANIS'.
  • At June of the same year, intergrates the second album of singer Kalliopi Vetta, titled Into the light. This album contains his own compositions IANOS which becomes music for WWF's campagne at MEGA Channel TV, Apocalypse and Village's fool.
    At the same time period, intergrates the third album of Vasilis Saleas titled ISIMERIA which contains two more his own compositions, JUPITER and IANOS2.
  • At August 1999 the serious musical magazine Difono, published his first interview,
    - four pages long - to George Tsampras.
  • In the year 2000 presents at Thessaloniki's Concert Hall (MEGARON MOUSIKIS) the show 'From Baroque to Millenium' with V. Saleas, Kalliopi Vetta, String Quartet L' Anima and smal Folk orchestra.
    Re-arranged Aristophane's  'ACHARNIANS' on music & lyrics of Dionysis Savvopoulos for Theatrical Organization of Cyprus.
    December of same year, re-arrange again 'ACHARNIANS' for Dionysis Savvopoulo's live at Athens Concert Hall (MEGARON MOUSIKIS).
  • In the near future, he plans the release of his first personal album, while worked on a electronic music project based on the Solar System and Zodiac Circle, under title "SOLARIUM"

  • Since 1986 he is using computers while since 1997 has his own pages to Internet (http://www.ioannou-music.gr/).
  • Since today he has worked on more than:
    200 discographic projects,
    thousands live performances and concerts
    and continues . . .

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