Pennsic War XXXII

August 1 - 17, 2003

Drachenwald at Pennsic

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Please remember to preregister!

Preregister using Kingdom of Drachenwald as group name.

Deadline to preregister: June 1st

Her Excellency Baroness Keilyn FitzWarin will be coordinating the encampment; please contact her and let her know you are coming! Lord Alexius von Reuenthal is responsible for the contents of these pages; any comment and suggestions are more than welcome! If this is your first time at Pennsic, please read the "New at Pennsic" article for useful information.

The official camp name is Kingdom of Drachenwald.

Lord Svein has set up a Drachenwald Pennsic Yahoogroup for those who are going to war, so they can plan things to do without boring the rest of the populace...... To join, just send an email to

If you have other thoughts or questions about the camp, Pennsic in general, camping, travel arrangements, etc. do not hesitate to contact us!

The Drachenwald Contingent

NameArrivalCamping withInterests
HRH Prince Marcus Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Lord Alexius von ReuenthalAug.5House Iron Maiden (W9) 
Duchess Alienor Farryngdon Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Asleif Clan of the Arctic Winds (E21) 
Baroness Cathryn of Chester Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Lady Catreen McInriAug.2Omega Company 
Duchess Cecilia Jonsdotter Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Baron Elazar ha Kanay Norseland 
Mistress Elisabeth Johanna von der Flossenburg Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Freiman the MinstrelAug.1Omega Company 
Mistress Jaelle of Armida Millacre 
Master Johan Magnusson Kivisuo Millacre 
Josephine Hardarar Omega Company 
Kate the Cute Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Baroness Keilyn FitzWarin Lochmere (N18) 
Lady Madelina Ysabella de San Antonio Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Magdalena VaneAug.2Omega Company 
Lady Marie de Besancon Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Marina Olganova   
Lady Meesha de Valence Darkmoon 
Captain Molly Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Moran Rees of Huntingdon Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Ormswyn of Oakley Lochmere (N18) 
Duke Prothall Wolfbane Kingdom of Drachenwald (N13) 
Raphael ICOD 
Redrick Morninglory Omega Company 
Lord Svein Aelfricson Clan of the Arctic Winds (E21) 
Tyrwald ThorssonAug.2Omega Company 
Lord Vallius Silvercrown Darkmoon 

This list is in alphabetical order except for the Crown at the time of the event.

Events and Announcements

The Drachenwald Mixed-Pairs Rapier Tournament will be held on Tuesday, August 12th at 5pm. Marshals are needed, please contact Raphael.

Packing Lists

Theoretically, you can show up at Pennsic with just a tunic and lots of money, and buy everything you need locally - garb, tentage, bedding, feast gear, etc. In practice, you will want to bring several things along to make your life more comfortable - but remember, if you need a new pouch, leave the old one at home (thus saving the luggage space) and buy your new pouch at the event.

For preparing your trip to Pennsic, you may want to consult the packing list from the Pennsic War site. In addition, we have prepared a few lists specifically for Drachenwald people. These lists are based on a discussion I had with Master Seamus and Lady Sigrid right after Pennsic XXIX (2000).

Please remember to preregister!

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