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ello and welcome to my homepage! My name is George Barbanis. That's George to my friends, although I also go by "Alexius von Reuenthal" or even "my Lord" (read on to find out why!)

I live in Athens, Greece, but I am often away on business, or maybe even for pleasure. Yes, I finally got a picture of me online; keep on reading.

ork stuff

I work for IBM, supporting AIX on the RS/6000 series. I do mostly OS stuff, but I also play with High Availability clusters. My duties are usually in the Athens area, although I have been known to travel all over Greece and Cyprus on a day's notice. All this, and more, is described in my resume.

un stuff

[SCA] [Device] My chief interest / hobby is the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The SCA is a group dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages in the present. We study dance, music, calligraphy, martial arts, cooking, literature... well, almost all aspects of the Middle Ages. During our meetings and events we dress in period clothing (garb), go by period names, display our colorful devices (or coats of arms, if you prefer,) and engage in the active recreation of the Middle Ages. In the SCA, I go as Herr Alexius von Reuenthal ("my Lord" is fine as well), and my device, which you can see on the right, is three golden suns and a chevron on a blue/red field -- in the language that the Heralds use, "Per pale azure and gules, three suns and a chevron Or". I am interested in almost all aspects of the SCA, but mostly in heraldry, music (and recorder playing), calligraphy/illumination, and making chainmail. Recently I have built a small harp; her name is Linde, and I am now teaching myself to play. Here's a picture of me and a friend (Valeria delle Stelle) in garb.

[Virtual Guard] [Drachenwald] The fair Kingdom of Drachenwald, where Greece belongs, and its Black Dragon Guard, instituted King Elffin's Virtual Guard, to hold watch over the virtual Known World and to promote the interests of the Kingdom, which served His Royal Majesty during His Reign.

Our forming Shire is trying to organize an event at the amazing Greek medieval town of Monemvassia. Check it out!

Other interests of mine include reading (mostly fantasy and sf), model railroading, travel, photography (combined with travel usually)... lots of stuff, really, but I may leave some of these hobbies dormant for months before I decide to take them up again. That's what hobbies are for; if I had to do them all the time, it'd be work :)

In addition, I enjoy reading poetry by Cavafy, and I have included some of my favorite poems.

Here is my collection of my favorite quotes.

eople and places

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